Hey, there! I’m Lauren Hourtovenko

Aspiring Social Media Specialist | Avid Writer | Recruiter | Mental Health Advocate | Dog Lover

A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Lauren Hourtovenko, Student

I’m soon-to-be Cambrian College Media Communications grad. I specialize in content creation, writing, marketing and photography. I will use my expertise to help businesses reach both potential and current clients, to achieve a long-term, positive connection in a creative way.

Email: lhourtovenko@gmail.com
Phone Number: (705) 822-3699
Location: Kitchener, ON 

What I Can Do

Social Media Content Creation

Since I’m a Gen Z, I grew up on social media. I know all the trends, what’s HOT and what’s NOT, and what just needs to go. Let me help you showcase your business to the world through the mysterious relm of social media.

Website Design

Growing up as a creative person, I love making things look good. Let me play around with your site to find out what works and what doesnt. Dont like something? No worries, you’ll have my support the entire time!

Content Writing

I have loved to write ever since I was a little girl. My bedroom was filled with journals where I wrote about anything and everything. Want to have more blog posts but don’t have the time to write them? I got you girl 😉


Photography is something I have always been passionate about! I basically grew up holding a camera. In my program, I learnt how to perfect my skills. Looking to get pictures of your site office update? How about new product pictures? Let’s chat to see if I can make it possible!

Brand/Logo Creation

With experience in both the Adobe Creative Suite and Canva, I can create you and your company a professional looking logo. Just starting? That’s okay, we can brainstorm together! Whether you’re looking for a change in brand colours, fixing up your current logo, or a whole revamp… We can make it work!

Video & Audio Editing

My passion for Communications developed as a little thirteen-year-old girl through video production. I can match audio, cut out errors, and add some fancy transitions. Video production has been my first love, and always will be! Looking forward to helping you create the .MP4 of your dreams!

What They’re Saying

Kinds words from Friends & Colleagues
  • Lauren is hard working, intelligent, and intuitive. She exceeded the customer service expectations when working with prospective students, applicants, and their supporters while working in the Recruitment department at Cambrian College. We can trust her with any task and was willing to take risks. She is reliable, friendly, and is a great member of our team.

    Alison Caruso

  • Lauren was pleasure to have in my Digital Design course. She consistently showed great work ethic, a positive attitude, a solid understanding of good design. Lauren also demonstrated the ability to learn new skills and apply them to real world problems. Lauren conducted and communicated professionally through out the course and was asset to the class.

    Jason Lind

  • I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Lauren as a student intern at Cambrian College and also had an opportunity to teach Lauren within the Media Communications program at Cambrian College. Whether at work or in class, Lauren is truly a delight as she is always professional, has excellent communication skills, is always prompt, dedicated, and determined to whatever the task or assignment is. I would recommend Lauren in any aspect, as I truly know she will succeed in whatever she is dedicated to.

    Courtney Rivard

  • I am part of Cambrian College’s student recruitment team. Lauren worked with our team as a student ambassador and member of our live chat team. Lauren is always upbeat and cheerful at work, and a great ambassador for her program and for the college. She handled our very busy live chat with accuracy and great customer service skills, and became a leader on the chat team, helping new hires to learn the ropes. She gave an enthusiastic YES to any project we asked her to help with – making testimonial videos, doing a ‘student takeover’ of our social media channels and more – whatever we asked, Lauren was there to help.

    Colleen Heidman

  • Lauren worked with me on several projects when I owned Northern Ontario PR. Her writing skills were exactly what I was looking for and her professionalism matched it. It was an absolute pleasure working with Lauren and would certainly do it again should I have a project that would align us! Lauren’s attention to detail is what enforced her work ethic to anything I threw at her. She always accepted the challenge and its no surprised that she has succeeded in everything she put her heart and brains into.

    Michelle Gallant

  • Lauren is a pleasure to work with and succeeds in any task given! As a social media ambassador Lauren has developed and implemented creative campaigns across multiple social platforms. Lauren is quick to learn new platforms and is a thoughtful content writer for social campaigns. She would be a great asset to any team!

    Karen Watson

Let’s start a conversation!

I’m always available for consulting, freelancing or contract work. Feel free to reach me!